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Sidharth Shah is a Successful Entrepreneur, TedX speaker, Best Selling Author, Mindset Coach and Proud Achiever of The Top 10 Institutes in India for 2020. He is offering Leadership & Development Programs, awarded by Silicon India.

Sidharth Shah has transformed millions of lives through Coaching and Training on the World Class Principles of  “Think and Grow Rich.” He is the Founder and CEO of Think & Grow Rich Academy, having the Exclusive License for India from The Napoleon Hill Foundation, USA.

Having completed his Post Graduate Program in Business Administration from The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad – IIM-A, Sidharth Shah is also a Ranker Chartered Accountant and Gold medalist in MBA.

He has been an Inspiration, Mentor and Guide for over 50,000 people, and 2,500 Business Owners across 250+ Organisations and Corporations. He is well known for bringing Success and more than satisfactory results for thousands of people, seeking to achieve Massive Results.


Think and Grow Rich Academy is personal and professional growth, Coaching & Development Company. It is committed to delivering on the fundamental Principle that  ‘Whatever the Mind can Conceive & Believe, the Mind can Achieve’.

It offers a variety of programs, seminars, and courses that are highly effective and produce profound results for each and every participant by altering the mindset to consider what is possible.

Our Programs have assisted over millions of people all across the globe to transform their lives.

The academy will guide you to a greater fulfillment in every aspect of your life- personal, mental, emotional and financial.

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