Business Mantra

Business Mantra Course

  • Unlock the Secret Formula of How to ‘Think & Grow Rich’
  • Implement the Strategies for revising your Mental Money Blueprint
  • Apply the Self-Confidence Formula by Identifying and Overcoming Your Fears
  • Learn how to apply the two best qualities of Bill Gates- Specialized Knowledge & Imagination
  • Learn the Fastest & the Best Way to Tap the Power of your Sub-Consciousness Mind
  • Acquire the Attributes of Powerful Leadership & Decision Making
  • Bullet-proof your Strategy for 2020
  • Develop Your Persistence Muscle to become Mentally Tough
  • Multiply Your Brainpower By the Power of the Master Mind
12 Pillars Of Success
  • Goal Setting
  • Money, Financial Independence/Getting Out of Debt /Saving/ Giving
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Selling/Negotiating
  • Networking/Referrals
  • Spiritual/Physical/ Emotional HealthGoal Setting
  • Communication/ Presentation
  • Personal Development
  • Relationships
  • Accelerated LearningRelationships
  • Legacy/Contribution

Current Batch Of Super Achievers

Variety of Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Product based Companies, Service based Companies, Start-Ups & Listed Companies as well.


Raj Kiran Kapadia
Raj Kiran Kapadia
I had read the book and I am a big fan of Think & Grow Rich. But what was missing after reading the book is complete after doing Sidharth Shah’s Program.
Kripa Raichura
Kripa Raichura
After having a rich experience of working with the top fashion designers, I wanted to venture out on my own and start my own Fashion label for the Elite. After attending the Program of Sidharth Shah, I am able to convert my wish into a reality and have successfully launched my own Fashion Label.
Sachin Kalra
Sachin Kalra
The most important takeaway of this Program is the Principle of MasterMind Alliance. I can see the dramatic improvements in my key result areas. I very strongly recommend this transformative program to every ambitious CEO.