Napoleon Hill Foundation

Napoleon Hill Foundation

Millions of people across the world are living testimony of the principles of success researched by the famed American author Napoleon Hill in his ground breaking and all time best-selling self-help book since last 81 years, “Think And Grow Rich”. Studying lives of 500 of the most successful men living in America, with each person’s life spanning for 50 years, these Principles have got a research bank of 25,000 years of experience.

No author in any field has devoted so much of time and effort to a philosophy of success. Probably, this is the key reason that these Principles of Success are Ever-green and still relevant. Every new-age guru worth its name viz. Tony Robins, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, Brain Tracy, T Harv Eker, Jim Rohn, Robin Sharma, Bob Proctor has given written testimonials about the power, relevance and workability of Think & Grow Rich Principles and other works of Napoleon Hill. In this context, the Napoleon Hill Foundation & Think & Grow Rich Academy is committed to transforming lives of many more generations to come.

In the present day, Think & Grow Rich Academy being the Exclusive licensee for the Napoleon Hill Foundation in India, is acting as a contributor to forward the vision of Napoleon Hill Foundation. India is a country with a plethora of opportunities and aspiring entrepreneurs are putting their efforts in driving their businesses to unmatched success. Think & Grow Rich Academy & its Founder CEO, Sidharth Shah, in association with the Foundation sees this as a great opportunity to make a difference, not only to these entrepreneurs and individuals but to the country as a whole and build a nation ready for the 21st century.

Think And Grow Rich Academy is founded by Sidharth Shah with the sole purpose of Coaching & guiding ambitious Entrepreneurs & individuals through their journey of personal and business success. It is the sole authorized representative of the Napoleon Hill Foundation in India having an exclusive license to coach and train the Programs Of Success, Business & Entrepreneurship of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

Our Academy represents the Napoleon Hill Foundation in India. We have the exclusive License to Coach & Train on their behalf in India.

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