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‘Coach to a Millionaire’ Program

The Think & Grow Rich ‘Coach to a Millionaire’ Program is a brilliant opportunity for someone who wishes to become a Leader & an Expert on How to Think & Grow Rich. You can now Coach others, make a real difference in their life AND in the process become a Millionaire.

Why to Register for ‘Coach to a Millionaire’ Program

$ Develop the Knowledge & Expertise of the World’s Most Influential & Widely Recognized, Proven, Tried and Tested Success Formula
$ Transform People’s Lives and Simultaneously Earn Huge Amounts of Money
$ Create a Hugh Impact in the World and Leave a worthwhile Legacy

Good News! Now You can Get Certified by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, U.S.A. right here in India. Mr. Sidharth Shah, CEO of Think & Grow Rich Academy, has brought the Foundation in our home country and is having the Exclusive License & Coaching Rights on Think & Grow Rich Principles in India.

You can save on the Travel Costs and Accommodation Expenses of going to the United States of America by enrolling for the program with our academy right here in India. Further, Mr. Sidharth Shah, with his immense experience of Coaching and Facilitating  variety Think & Grow Rich Programs all across the world has customized this program to appeal to the Indian Target Audience.

BONUS OFFER: Exclusive Power Point Presentations- Ready to Use Modules, Customized for the Indian Market on the First Six Core Principles of Success. EachPower Point Presentation is personally conceptualized, curated, designed and skilfully crafted by Mr. Sidharth Shah himself putting in several Hours of his masterful expertise and immense experience. These Modules have been tried and tested in the Indian Market in a variety of formats of programs all across India.

Having access to these Ready to Use Modules is the fastest, quickest, shortest andthe smartest way of recovering your Investment in the Leader Certification Program probably in just a Weekend!

Highlights of this unbelievable offer:

1. No need to Travel to America for Getting Leader Certification
2. Customization of Programs for the Indian Audience
3. Back-Up Support System Post Completion of Certification Program
4. Exclusive Bank of Six Power Point Presentation Modules- Ready to Use and Monetize
5. Potential to Get Return on Investment in Just a Weekend.
6. Build an alternate Source of Income which is Risk Free with practically low or Zero Investment.
7. Join the Elite and Exclusive family of the privileged chosen and fortunate coaches of Think & Grow Rich.

The Reason why Mr. Sidharth Shah is offering this unbelievable offer is that he believes that neither time nor money should be a concern, hurdle or obstacle for any person to register for this transformational program.

Register Now as there are Limited Seats and the Batch fills up Fastest due to huge demand from Coaches, Trainers and Facilitators from all across India.

The objective is to create Think & Grow Rich Leaders who can spread the light and ultimately form a Master Mind to achieve the Mission of Sidharth Shah to make India Think & Grow Rich!

‘Coach to a Millionaire’ Program Details

Sr. No.ParticularsContent
1A Listener’s Guide with extensive study informationPersonal Success Profile Questinnaire, Introduction to the Course, Study Guides etc.- 52 pages
2Comprehensive text of the 17 Principles of Success — in 6 volumesThis comprehensive text will give you insights on all the 17 Principles of Success
3A self-test at the end of each principle to help reinforce these in your mindEach self-test will examine your understanding of Principle so that you are aware of your knowledge of each Principle
4Workbook 1Lesson 1- Definite Major Purpose, Lesson 2- Master Mind Alliance
5Workbook 2Lesson 3- Applied Faith, Lesson 4-Going the Extra Mile, Lesson 5- Pleasing Personality
6Workbook 3Lesson 6- Personal Initiative, Lesson 7- Positive Mental Attitude, Lesson 8- Self-Discipline
7Workbook 4Lesson 9- Enthusiasm, Lesson 10- Controlled Attention, Lesson 11- Accurate Thinking
8Workbook 5Lesson 12- Learning from Adversity & Defeat, Lesson 13- Teamwork, Lesson 14- Creative Vision
9Workbook 6Lesson 15- Maitaining Sound Health, Lesson 16- Budgeting Time & Money, Lesson 17- Cosmic Habitforce or Universal Law