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Your Personality is your greatest asses or your greatest liability, for it embraces everything that you control: mind, body, and soul. A person’s personality is the person himself or herself. It shapes the nature of your thoughts, your deeds, and your relationships with others and establishes the boundaries of the space you occupy in the world !

It is essential that you develop a Pleasing Personality- pleasing to yourself and to others.

It is imperative that you develop the habit of being sensitive to your own reactions to individuals, circumstances, and events, and to the reactions of individuals and groups to what you say, think, or do.

The 24 Aspects of Pleasing Personality are as follows :

  1. PMA
  2. Flexibility
  3. Sincerity of Purpose
  4. Promptness of Decision
  5. Courtesy
  6. Tact
  7. Tone of Voice
  8. The Habit of Smiling
  9. Facial Expression
  10. Tolerance
  11. Frankness of Manner & Speech
  12. A keen Sense of Humour
  13. Faith in Infinite Intelligence
  14. A Keen Sense of Justice
  15. The Appropriate use of words
  16. Effective Speech
  17. Emotional Control
  18. Alertness of Interest
  19. Versatility
  20. Fondness of People
  21. Humility
  22. Effective Showmanship
  23. Clean Sportsmanship
  24. A Good Handshake


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