Written by on June 18, 2018

A person without Enthusiasm is like a watch without a mainspring. The first ingredient which is absolutely necessary for a successful, efficient, and competent individual is Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm comes from the Greeks Word that let you look into the root of this word-into its basic, fundamental, original meaning. The first is ‘Theos’, which means ‘God’. The other two words are ‘En-Tae’, so that in the early usage of this term of the Ancient Greeks, it literally meant ‘God within you’. Further: “No battle of any importance can be won without Enthusiasm”

To become Enthusiastic for achieving a desirable goal, keep your mind on your goal day after day. The more worthy and desirable your objectives, the more dedicated and Enthusiastic you will become. Understand and act on William James’ statement, “The emotions are not always immediately subject to reason, but they are always immediately subject to ACTION” Enthusiasm thrives on a positive mind and Positive ACTION.

Real Enthusiasm comes from within. However, Enthusiasm is like getting water from a well; first you have to prime the pump, but soon the water flows and flows and flows. You can be Enthusiastic about everything and anything you know or do. Enthusiasm is PMA characteristic. It can be generated naturally from one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but more importantly it can be generated at will.



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