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Circumstances- What are Circumstances? I Create Circumstances!


If any of you ever thought yourself,  or have heard someone recently saying that the economy is going through a dull phase or  there is recession and the market is tight and business cannot grow in this environment, then do yourself a favour and run down down the list of businesses started during depressions or economic crises.


  • Fortune magazine (ninety days after the market crash of 1929)
  • FedEx (Oil Crises of 1973)
  • UPS (Panic of 1907)
  • Walt Disney Company (After 11 months of smooth operation, the 12th was the market crash of 1929)
  • Hewlett-Packard (Great Depression, 1935)
  • Charles Schwab (market crash of 1974-75)
  • Standard Oil (Rockefeller bought out his partners in what became Standard Oil and took over in February 1865, the final year of the Civil War.)
  • Cosco (recession in the late 1970s)
  • Revlon (Great Depression, 1932)
  • General Motors (Panic of 1907)
  • Proctor & Gamble (Panic of 1837)
  • United Airlines (1929)
  • Microsoft (recession in 1973-75)
  • LinkedIn (2002, post-dot-com bubble)


The founders of all these companies did not blame, complain or justify the circumstances. They did not play victims in their life. They played to win. They created Circumstances and They Won. That’s What I call as a Truly Think & Grow Rich Class!

Sidharth Shah


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