Do you know the The Twelve Riches of Life?

Written by on July 6, 2018

In Think & Grow Rich terminology, Richness is not just the money in the bank. It is a way of living on your terms and living a life powerfully and to you fullest potential without any constraints and limitations. It’s a rich experience of living.

  1. A Positive Mental Attitude
    All riches, of whatever nature, begin as a state of mind, the one and only thing over which any person has complete, unchallenged right of any control. It is highly significant that Creator provided man with control over nothing except the power to shape his own thoughts and the privilege of fitting them to any pattern of his choice.
    A positive mental attitude (PMA) is the starting point of all riches, whether they are riches of a material nature or intangible riches.
  2. Sound Physical Health
    Sound health begins with a “health consciousness” produced by a mind which in terms of health and not in terms of illness, plus temperance of habits in eating and properly balanced physical activities.
  3. Harmony in Human Relationships
    Harmony with others begins with one’s self, and with all your family, friends and associates around you. Harmony in Human Relationships should be experience in order to understand this richness.
  4. Freedom From Fear
    No man who fears anything is a free man! Fear is a harbinger of evil, and wherever it appears one may find a cause which must be eliminated before he may become rich in the fuller sense.
  5. The Hope of Achievement
    The greatest of all forms of happiness comes as the result of hope of achievement of some yet unattained desire. Poor beyond description is the person who cannot look to the future with hope that he will become the person he would like to be, or with the belief that he will attain the objective he has failed to reach in the past.
  6. The Capacity for Applied Faith
    Faith is the connecting link between the conscious mind of man and the great universal reservoir of Infinite Intelligence. It is the fertile soil of the garden of the human mind wherein may be produced all of the riches of life. It is the “eternal elixir” which gives creative power and action to the impulses of thought.
  7. Willingness to Share One’s Blessings
    He who has not learned the blessed art of sharing has not learned the true path of happiness, for happiness comes only by sharing. And let it be forever remembered that all riches may be embellished and multiplied by the simple process of sharing them where they may serve others and the space one occupies in the hearts of his fellowmen is determined precisely by the service he renders through the form of sharing.
  8. A Labor of Love
    There can be no richer man than he who has found a labor of love and who is busily engaged in performing it, for labor is the highest form of human expression of desire. Labor is the liaison between the demand and the supply of all human needs, the forerunner of all human progress, the medium by which the imagination of man is giving the wings of action. And all labors of love are sanctified because it brings the joy of self-expression to him who performs it.
  9. An Open Mind on All Subjects
    Tolerance, which is among the higher attributes of culture, is expressed only by the person who holds an open mind on all subjects at all times. And it only the man with open mind who becomes truly educated and who thus prepared to avail himself of the greater riches.
  10. Self-Discipline
    The man who is not the master of himself may never become the master of anything. He who is master of self may become the master of his own earthly destiny, the “master of his fate, the captain of his soul, the captain of his soul”. And the highest form of self-discipline consists in the expression of humility of the heart when one has attained great riches or has been overtaken by that which is commonly called “success”
  11. TheCapacity to Understand People
    The man who is rich in the understanding of people always recognizes that all people fundamentally alike, in that they evolved from the same stem; And the men who understand others must first understand himself. The capacity to understand others eliminates many of friction among men. It is the fundamental of major importance in all leadership, which calls for friendly cooperation.
  12. Economic Security
    The last, though not the least in importance, is the tangible portion of the “Twelve Riches”. Economic Security is not attained by the possession of money alone. It is attained by the service one renders, for useful service may be converted into all forms of human needs, with or without the use of money.


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