How to Manifest Money in the Bank

Written by on April 24, 2020

Dear Think & Grow Rich Fan!


The fastest way to manifest money in the bank is to develop what I Call a Money Mindset or a Rich Mindset. To develop this mindset, understand the 12 Riches of Life in which Money is only one of the Riches of life. 

The Twelve Riches of Life are as follows:


  1. Positive Mental Attitude
  2. Sound Physical Health
  3. Harmony in Human Relationships
  4. Freedom from Fear
  5. The Hope Of Future Achievement
  6. The Capacity of Applied Faith
  7. Willingness to Share One’s Blessings with others
  8. A Labour of Love or Job Satisfaction
  9. An Open Mind on All subjects at all times
  10. Complete Self Discipline
  11. The Capacity to Understand People
  12. Money or Financial Freedom or Economic Security

If you keenly observe, that Money is coming at the bottom of the list. This can be a wakeup call for all who don’t have the money in the bank at this moment. Identify your levels of richness with the other 11 Riches of life and start feeling Richer. Go into a highly emotionalized state with all the riches that you are already enjoying at this moment. Because as the Universal Law of Attraction states that when you feel richer, you attract what you think and feel. And that’s a sure shot way of manifesting the money in the bank.

Thank You

Sidharth Shah


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