Success Habits of Maverick Entrepreneur- Richard Branson, CEO Virgin

Written by on August 20, 2018

Success Habits of Maverick Entrepreneur- Richard Branson, CEO Virgin

  • Wake-up time 5:45 a.m.
  • He goes to the gym and then has a healthy breakfast.
  • He has said that he cannot function without his to-do lists. He’s constantly jotting down what he needs to do, checking off what has already been done. He reviews his lists regularly. He keeps it simple, using just paper and pen.
  • The most important list that he makes is the one that includes the people he needs to call during the day. This list allows him to nurture his relationships and keep them at an optimal level.
  • He has the habit of jotting down ideas that he has, comments and ideas from the people with whom he interacts, the names of his collaborators and the ways in which they can support him. He never throws out a notebook once it’s full.
  • He has the habit of facing his challenges before considering whether he is properly prepared. He takes time to plan, but he doesn’t spend too much time on the details. He’s more of a man of action.
  • He’s a fan of short breaks during the day, so he can recharge himself. Some of the things that helps him to relax are a cup of English Breakfast tea, a hot bath, swimming in the ocean or playing tennis.


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