The Billion Dollar Interview

Written by on May 12, 2020


This is Sidharth Shah.

Its about 7 pm on a Tuesday Evening And I am at the Trident, Mumbai. It’s a special evening, because its not everyday that a Billionaire calls you for a dinner appointment. 

Billionaire Brain Sidorsky, – CEO of Lansdowne Equity Ventures Canada meets me at the Coffee shop of the Trident. After having a nice dinner, we hit the interview and he shares how he applied the Principles of Think & Grow Rich and became a Billionaire.


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I met Brain for the first time,  when I went to the Napoleon Hill Foundation, USA to get Certified.

I remember when my mentor Satish Verma fixed an appointment with Brian in The Four Seasons in Toronto. 

In fact, I own the title of my book to Brain. When he mentioned that it’s not Think- Believe- Achieve, but its Think, Believe, Act-chieve.

Thank You Brain for your tips and suggesting the title of my best-selling book.

You are truly a living testimony that a person can truly Think & Grow Rich! 


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To Your Success

Sidharth Shah


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