Wishing and Achieving

Written by on April 18, 2020

Hello There I am Sidharth Shah! 


Majority of the people wish for something or other in life. They wish they had

  • More Money
  • Better Relationships
  • More Happiness
  • Better Health
  • New Car
  • New House
  • And the list never stops…


But you see, most of them are disappointed because they do not achieve those things.

The don’t understand the real secret to Think & Grow Rich. 

There is a gap between Wishing for something & actually Achieving something. And there are different levels on this journey. 

I am briefly mentioning them here for your benefit:

  1. 70 % people stop at wishing 
  2. 10 % people move from wishing to desiring
  3. 8 % people move from wishes and desires into hopes
  4. 6 % people step their mind power to move hopes to belief
  5. 4 % people develop burning desire to move their beliefs into faith
  6. ONLY 2 % people achieve success because they put action to their faith and carry out their plans


Now if you want to reach that final level of 2%, if you want to truly understand the real secret of how you can truly Think & Grow Rich, contact our academy now and one of our team leaders will surely be glad to assist you.


I wish you loads of success.


This is Sidharth Shah


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