Written by on April 15, 2020

Dear Friends,

How Many of You Want to be More Creative?
How Many of You Want to be Million Dollar Ideas which can cause major breakthroughs in your business and your life?

Well, there are only these 4 sources from which Ideas or Flashes of Insight or Hunches originate.

Infinite Intelligence
One’s Subconscious Mind, wherein is stored every sense impression and thought impulse which ever reached the brain through any of the five regular senses
The Mind of some other person who has just “released” the thought, or “picture” of the idea or concept, through conscious thought.
The other person’s subconscious storehouse

These sources are tapped, every day around the globe, and that there are no other KNOWN sources from which “inspired” ideas or hunches may be received.

If you want to tap these sources at your own will and ideate millionaire dollar ideas then you must understand the Secret to Think & Grow Rich.

To Your Success

Sidharth Shah


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